@laniar talks at RISE Austin at TexasCoworking

On Weds, March 3 Lani Anglin Rosales with an assist from Benn Rosales gave a talk at Texas Coworking as part of the massive RISE invasion of Austin, Texas. If you haven’t heard Lani talk, it’s a real treat to hear her discourse on how to build a social network and how to stay afloat in these sometimes treacherous, but normally navigable, waters. Her audience was rapt at attention throughout her talk, she didn’t use a projector or whiteboard. Just Lani and some folks, engaged in a session that was full of content every minute.

What amazed me the most is how prodigious a writer Lani is on a daily basis. An English grad, she cranks out a mind boggling number of articles, tweets, and emails every day without fail. And she’s very, very personable and doesn’t hesitate to get on the phone with her community members and followers and meet with them for coffee. She’s inspiring other bloggers and social networkers to get off their butts a little bit and pay attention to words on the page and to the impact these have on the community of people following their blogs and twitter feeds.

Lani and Benn’s major project is AgentGenius. Google it. This real estate blog has weathered controversy and triumphed to become a major force in the home seller industry segment. Focused, Informative. Over 80 article writers contribute to it including the prodigious Lani and her hubby Benn. Follow Lani on Twitter and don’t miss her frequent Austin, Texas tweetups.

Lani, born and raised in Austin, Texas, is the best ambassador for the values and ethos that make up the Austin way that I’ve ever experienced.

Texas Coworking video tour

Untitled from Michelle Millette on Vimeo.

Grace Sharington, TexasCoworking.com’s first concierge, takes us on a video tour of Texas Coworking, Austin’s downtown coworking place at 200 E 6th Street, Austin, TX 78701. She cruises through the facility showing the front entrance with it’s wall of flat screens, the elevator, the entrance, the concierge desk, the conference room, the patio overlooking the Austin Convention Center (site of SXSW), the commons, the cubes, and the private offices and last but not least the kitchen and break room and the server room.

VideoCamp Austin #videocampatx – interview & afterparty

Vanessa Zamora talked to Paul Terry Walhus of Spring.net and VideoRetreat.com at the VideoCamp Austin event or #videocampatx as it got tweeted (profusely). Vanessa is with WebMasterWorld.com where she produces video and other content. She talks about what she learned at the VideoCamp held at the UT ACTLab on Saturday, Feb 27.

The organizers of Videocamp Austin celebrate the big success they had at their event on Saturday Feb 27 at the UT ActLab. The scene is Annies on Sixth Street. Among those shown @talmadge @daveiam @bigmanweston @katmandlestein Video by Paul Terry Walhus and http://spring.net

Zadi Diaz interview at SXSW

Zadi Diaz is one of our favorite interviews at SXSW, and catching up with isn’t always easy as she was really buzzing around on a tight schedule. This was the third year at SXSW that we talked to Zadi.

And here’s Zadi playing a mean drum set at SXSW:

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Video Retreat at SXSW

VideoReatreat Austin is a free retreat during SXSW for people interested in video production, video streaming, interviewing, podcasting (both audio and video), new media, PR, marketing, seo, and video distribution.

Last year at SXSW we had interviews and discussions with the likes of Veronica Belmont, Zadi Diaz, iJustine, Matt Mullenwegg, Lindsay Campbell, Cali Lewis, and many of the worlds great podcasters and video content producers and talents.  We hope to continue that tradition this year from a great new space, Texas Coworking, at 200 E Sixth Street in Austin, TX 78701.

Texas Coworking is right in the heart of Austin’s downtown, just one block from Congress and Sixth (the center of town), a half block from the Omni and Driskoll Hotels, and just 4 blocks from the Austin Convention Center, which is line of sight from the Texas Coworking rooftop patio.

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